Bendio AG is a Swiss company based in Horw founded in 2012

We offer wealth management services and financial advisory. Bendio is officially regulated by PolyReg and PolyAsset, both arms of FINMA. Even though Bendio is a young company, it has several years advising clients in Europe and Latin America. The people who stand behind Bendio have a proven track record and excellent background in the financial world.

Bendio experience

Together with our client we want to create the Bendio experience. This means that we take the doubts of our clients seriously, we not only listen, we understand. We strongly believe that only with the mutual feedback between client and advisor a successful financial management is possible. Beyond this, we believe that a constant learning and training of our technical analysts is primordial to understand the market and create new ideas for the emerging challenges. We go hand by hand with our clients, into the future of investment.


  • We go hand by hand with our clients. Confidence
  • We offer simple ideas for complex challenges. Ideas
  • We bring solutions free of conflict of interests. No conflicts
  • We allocate our money where our view is. Philosophy
  • We work under a Professional Ethics Code. Ethics
  • We work with people who share our vision of investment. Partners
  • We believe in the constant training of our team. Growth