We develop proprietary models based in fundamental and technical analysis that allow us to generate leading signals on the  markets.

Risk Management is the name of the game

There are many competitors in the industry; however, the difficulty to understand the relationships between the markets and its operation results in obstacles to obtain abnormal results, e.g., extract some “alpha” from the market. Bendio has a team qualified in fundamental, technical and quantitative analysis which aims to provide its customers the best risk-return relationship. Our goal is to beat the market and achieve returns (risk-adjusted) above average. We make possible this goal with a systemic vision of the different financial assets and constant monitoring of opportunities to capture the impulsive movements. However, risk management is a key element of our strategy. Bendio maintains in its daily operations a dynamic risk policy that adapts itself to the size and the performance of the positions in place. We focus on generating a smoothed growing equity curve for our customers and our own positions.

The Asset Management Unit manages three components:

Wealth Management

We provide the best global wealth management solutions for individuals and institutions in Latin America.

Our scope:

  • Operations with high level wealth management platform.
  • Design and construction of investment directional strategies.
  • Operations under key risk management policies.
  • Comprehensive assets advisory for customers from oil and gas industries in Latam.

Proprietary Trading

We develop and implement our own management strategies with the best risk return relationship.

Our goals:

  • To develop proprietary trading strategies that will generate returns uncorrelated with the financial markets alongside with our risk profile, based on daily measurements.
  • To develop investment strategies for short, medium and long term, replicable for external customers.
  • To generate a sufficient track-record that allows establishing in the medium term, a Bendio AG multi-strategy hedge fund.

Our trading strategies:

  • Long-Short Swing discretionary trading: It is a strategy based in fundamental and technical filters that aim to capture medium term swings in the market. It works with the major stock indices (S&P, Nasdaq, Dax, Bovespa), major FX, metals, energy and grains.
  • Long-Short short term macro systemic: It is a strategy exclusively for FX market. It is based on an Algorithm that identifies the fractality in the market and takes advantage of the short-term movements.

Strategy and Market Research

We monitor the market every day, developing the best market research that provides real added value for our clients, with special emphasis on the Energy Industry and Emerging Markets. Our products:

  • Oil Monitor report
  • Market Comments
  • Macro View report

We deal with the most recognized counterparts in the region, with appetite for risky projects, from investment banks to high-yield investment funds.

We listen, We structure, You grow.

The Energy Industry has the peculiarity of showing volatile cash flows and being capital intensive. In several cases, our clients have management and technical skills to develop projects with added-value; however, they find an obstacle in funding resources. At Bendio, we act as arrangers for structuring the necessary funding, free of conflicts of interest, in order to materialize these projects. Our team has a portfolio of prestigious counterparties in the world of finance ranging from Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, and Boutique Investment Firms in the US and Europe. Our consultants have the required experience after having developed transactions in the Energy Industry, designing dynamic customized structures that minimize the risk for the parties involved.

  • We have access to the best counterparties with appetite for financing high yield projects.
  • We identify the appropriate counterparties for the local needs. The emerging world.
  • We have a deep understanding of the emerging reality. We recognize the dynamics and particular processes within economic and political environments.
  • We have the experience in handling relationships with the public sector.


Financing through Comercial Banks

Financing through Investment Banking and Hedge Funds

Project Finance

Financing through structured products


Financing through private equity