Why Bendio?

Because Bendio stands for a transparent and professional treatment with its clients by advocating economists and financial analysts to them. We give you the opportunity to invest like we do. The decisions we take on behalf of our clients are the same decisions we apply for ourselves. Let us share our vision and shape the future of investing together.

We are different from other advisors because…

  • We are sophisticated financial advisors with simple ideas for complex challenges in Emerging Markets.
  • We offer our clients comprehensive and transparent services.
  • We wish to help overcome any obstacle that may come up while managing the business, the financial strategy and investment needs of individuals and institutions.
  • We promote a sustainable relationship over time. Our approach is not conjectural, we try to build a long term bond.
  • We see our clients as an ally and we aim to support their growth, finding business opportunities.
  • We want to add real and measurable value. Therefore, we always seek for innovation in our products, visions and solutions.

Our advantage

We think in terms of risk-return relations bringing up flexible, simple and innovative ideas that fulfill a dual function: to boost performance and minimize the risk of operation for our clients. Our job is our passion, that’s why we understand the markets better than anyone else.

  • We believe in a systemic view to conceive solutions for our customers.
  • We think in terms of risk-reward. Risk management is key.
  • We offer solutions free of conflict of interests.
  • Our dedicated Strategy and Research team generates added value through knowledge.