KonZapata.com: Oil prices have not reached their lows

KonZapata.com quoted our Asset Management Director, Alberto Cardenas, who insisted that we have not seen the lows in oil prices because the fundamental structure remains unbalanced.

Investing.com: Brexit and its repercussions

Investing.com quoted our analyst Andrés Ortuño giving some lights around the Brexit decision and exposes political, economic and financial implications of this historic election.

Investing.com: Historical deviation in WTI

Today the price of WTI surpassed the important barrier of $ 50 on a fairly aggressive move from the lows we saw since early this year in the vicinity of $ 26. In my opinion, this rebound is entirely overextended response to speculative factors rather than a structural re-adjustment of the oil market.

Investing.com: How has the market reacted to American presidential terms?

Investing.com quoted our Asset Management Analyst, Andres Ortuño contrasting democratic and republican periods noticing the market conditions for each. Emphasizing what happened in the global economy that led to produce the corresponding annualized returns of the market in a particular presidential term.

Investing.com: #Swellindex of the US Dollar #DXY

Investing.com has quoted our director Alberto Cárdenas, who exposes the divergence of the Swell Index DXY and the current price of DXY.

Investing.com: Oil, prepare yourself for a short selling wave of epic proportions

Investing.com has quoted our director Alberto Cárdenas, who exposes about the correlation between the oil and the SP500 Index.