Not a broad base rally

Our analyst Andres S. Trujillo assesses what is really inside these all-time new highs in the markets. Is it will last longer? Seems like not for much.

Strategy update

Our Asset Management Unit Director Alberto Cardenas assesses the situation in global markets and highlights the extreme complacency in the market that could represents a huge investment opportunity.

Vix (2x): Oil and S&P market (March 2017)

Our analyst Andres S. Trujillo presents the possibility of a mean reversion movement in crude oil and S&P500 prices, based on a Z-Score study of the last 10 years in both assets.

OPEC Decision vs Dollar: Who must lead? (November 2016)

Our strategy and research team evaluated the relationship between DXY and the OPEC meeting framed on an intermarket analysis.

The Hedge Funds can amplify the fall in crude oil prices (August 2016)

Our Asset Management analyst, Cesar Diaz Loyo, explains how the Hedge Funds can quickly amplify the movements in crude oil prices.

Volatility again (July 2016)

Our Asset Management Analyst, Andres Trujillo explains how the volatility ismaking history. In this opportunity, the VIX reduced to a very extreme low level in a very short period of time. This opens a buying opportunity in this asset because of the great complacency and euphoria that it´s in the market.